Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Google Warranty Return Google Nexus 5X

Recovery Mode
Friday, November 11, 2016 was a day that was odd in many ways. But, what I want to talk about is that is the day that my Google Nexus 5X crapped out on my. Mid-afternoon, I noticed that it began to reboot. Saw this as a sign of not a good thing, I powered it down and would deal with it after I get home for the evening.

Evening came and I took it out to see if I can figure out what happened. Powering it on was not really working. It would not go past the "GOOGLE" logo screen into the Android OS. Rut-Roh.... Now it is time to take deeper diagnose measure. Booted into boot menu. When I was able to get into the recovery, dumping the cache, or even a clean wipe was not able to get me past the "GOOGLE" screen. Now, I know this was not good.

At this point, I was thinking, well I wanted a Google Pixel phone anyway.... But, at this time, I knew that it was not in my financial cards. Ie. it was a really nice to have, but not needed..... Then it dawned on me, that I accturally bought the  2 year device protection. The FIRST time that I have ever bought a warranty of that type. Having no choice, I had to make a claim.


Step 2 -- filled out all the required information. I will say it was easy since I like to keep the box of key products like the Nexus 5x so I had all the needed information at my finger tips. I filled out everything truthfully.

Step 3 -- Check email and got a conformation that I was approved.

Now it is important to say that this was Friday night when I filled this out. By Sunday morning, got an email with information that my replacement product was shipped and instructions on how to return my old product. Tuesday afternoon I had the product in hand.

As expected, it was bare bones and "referbed" but to be expected. What was in my hand was a very nice unit. No visible marks.


Like people that are in the Apple ethos, I am in the "Google" ethos. I am sure there are people that would say that is not a good thing, for me it is what I choose and I am very "okay" with it.

So, after inserting my SIM and turning on the the device, I was asked questions.... one of the questions was did I want to recover from a backup. Since, I always do backups, I said sure. A few more questions and loads of downloading later, I was back to 99.9% of what I was right before I noticed that my phone was cycle rebooting.


The experience was quite easy. Interesting note, throughout the process, I did not interact with a human until I returned the old Nexus 5X via the Post Office.