Thursday, October 20, 2016

ChicoBag Resuable Travel Pack (RePETe)

I needed a new pack-able day pack for when I travel. Sticking to the minimalist packing that I lean, I wanted to give the ChicoBag Reusable Travel Pack a try.

Received from packed in the standard box. Due to my over aggressiveness in opening the box with a sharp knife, I put a 2 inch cut in the pack already. The pack was folded up so it turns out that it was just the inside top zipper area that was compromised. So, a fail on my part and Amazon packing.

But, a little blue duct tape and it was all good. But, it does show that this is a pack that is light and made of very thin material that can be cut. Something to be just be aware. I am heading on some business travel later this month and will see how this preforms as an auxiliary bag/day pack during that trip.