Monday, June 25, 2012

United -- It only took 48 hours. CQEMBA starting to get interesting

Good news today. 48 hours and I finally got my bags from United Airlines to arrive in ITH.... Thankfully I am still at my original location for a few more days. I can finally change my pants!! But, United, don't think that this is over. I still have some questions for you and I am thinking at least some compensation for my troubles.

Not like it was not already interesting enough, but today, day 2, it is time to put the "rubber to the road" at the Cornell Queen EMBA program. I thought that I was going to be concerned with the amount of work before the start the of the program, now that I have a couple days in the program, I am finding that my fears are/will become reality. But, with the foundation of the High Performance Teams course, I believe that I (and the team) start to have some real tangible tools to make it through and succeed.