Sunday, June 24, 2012

United Airlines..... My patience is running thin

So, I have been in Ithaca, NY at Cornell University for 36 hours and I have still yet to receive my bag. My patience is running very thin. The worst is that I saw the bags on the luggage tram that in Newark, NJ that was turned away because the small plane was full with the weight of the other baggage. Because when we landed in Ithaca and 1/3 of the passengers didn't get their bags, I can only assume that this is either a common problem or that there were other bags that United Airlines were sending on the flight that bumped my bags.

I realize that there was weather in the area that caused many delays, but the lack of customer communications really bothers me. Several of the people that I am traveling with have called and are not getting any good information.

So what I have I done so far??? Well, I had to go to Target to buy some under garments and some other essentials that is now totally $80.00 this is plus the $25.00 baggage tax (sorry fee). So I am out $105.00 so far and I don't know when my bags are arriving. I am still wearing the same pants that I have had since Friday morning.

An irony of all this is that I am here at Cornell University for an EMBA program. I believe that I am living a case study on lack of communication and understanding the customers.

I fly United out of loyalty. So far this incident does not provide me confidence and starts to question my loyalty. What can United do to help repair that confidence and build back my loyalty?

United -- You have to start to wake up.