Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 6 – Trip to the Botanical Gardens

With Cooper being so young and we can not afford a babysitter the entire trip; many of the excursions out of town are really not made for little kids. They tend to frown upon bring babies on the boat trips and I am not sure if the harness would be small enough for the swing above the canopy of the tress, but we found that we can go to the Botanical Gardens. That is something that would be good for all ages and not too long of a bus ride that Cooper would get to cranky. So we decided to go and tour around and eat lunch.

The Botanical Gardens was a great escape out of town up into the hills a little. I would suggest it for anyone who wants to get away from all the traditional tourist stuff in Puerto Vallarta itself, not that there is anything wrong with that. Also the food was again great.

After a Cooper nap we headed into town for the last time before we had to leave.