Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 4 -- Cooper's Lunch Date

A few months ago, we brought Cooper to an event where Anne was volunteering and a co-worker at the event, just loved Cooper. I think it she said it was nice to have Cooper time during the hectic event. Through talking we found out that she lives and works in Puerto Vallarta. We said that we would call when we get into town. Today was the time that we could meet so that she could have some Cooper time and we can catch up on things. We ate at a local place in town (Loncheria y Cocina Economica), great Chicken Mole and the tacos were good too. This is the type of place where generally only locals go to have a meal. If you are ever in town bring your best Spanish and go to this local place for the Chicken Mole. It is open 24 hours…

Evening – Relaxing with some home cooked chicken and rice. After putting Cooper down at his normal bed time, fireworks started going off on the beach right next to Lindo Mar. I don’t think that I have ever been that close to professional great fireworks before. You would think that 20 minutes of fireworks would wake Cooper up, but no. He slept through the whole thing. He must take after his dad.