Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Nexus 5x Mid-Week Review

I received the Nexus 5x on Friday, October 23. I have had it a few days already and I thought that I would give a little mid-week review of some of my first impressions.

As a Google ethos person, it only took a little bit of time loading apps and now I am just feeling out the new Android OS, Marshmallow. I will spare you a video of opening up the package.

Size and Weight

I use many phones. I have the Apple iPhone 5 and Apple iPhone 6. So, Nexus 5x is as you would expect bigger then the iPhone 5. It is also slightly bigger then iPhone 6, but not by very much.

Even though, I read about it from other reviewers, I am still amazed about the weight of the phone. It is light, very light. In fact, I went ahead and got the ADOPTED case for some protection and that didn’t add much weight. The Nexus 5x is feather light and it feels great.


As expected, Nexus 5x is fast. In my time with the phone, the navigation is smooth and quick even after adding the typical applications.


I find the camera much improved. Below is an outside shot. I tend to take "beer selfies" so I will include one here too for an inside shot.

Finger Print Reader

I can attest that the finger print reader is indeed quick. Not only in use, but also in set up.

The set up of the finger print reader is straight forward and easy to get started. Following the prompts I was able to quickly able to set up multiple fingers for the finger print reader so that either hand that I pick up the phone and can always unlock with a finger. There are is a couple of different backup methods to unlock the phone. You can choose a pattern, pass code or password. So far the finger printer reader as been so easy and quick, I have yet to have to use my alternative method of unlocking the phone.

Android Pay

Setting up Android Pay is easy following the on screen prompt. If you are not in the Google ethos or did store your credit cards with Google account already, you can just add the cards that you want by taking a picture. The process was fast and accurate.

I used Android Pay for the first time this week. I bought a soda at Lucky's with the express intent of using the Android Pay app. Knowing that I wanted to use my default card, I didn't have to do much. When it was time to pay, I just unlocked my phone with my finger print and held the phone over the POS device. It recognized quickly and the transaction was quick.

Good experience for my first time use.

Battery Life

I would call myself about average in the amount of time that I spend using a smartphone. Some days, I use it a lot; some days not so much (okay, that is rare). Regardless, I find that the battery life on the Nexus 5x is good, but nothing to brag about. I find that my typical use, I would be just find making it through the day, but if I was far from a power source on a heavy use day, I might get a little nervous. But, truthfully, I would have the same feelings for any smartphone. I tend to always have a power source close, either the wall, car, or battery pack. Also, with the Type C charging method. Charging is fast. So a quick charge while getting a coffee or something would more then get you through the day. It would have been nice to have a little more power in the battery, but the trade off would have been the size and weight of the phone. So, it is either this or that. For me that is a good trade off.

Here is a reference of my battery usage from Nexus 5x. I unplugged at 7 AM and took this screenshot right before plugging in at about 1 AM

Likes So Far

There are many things that I like about this new Android OS. Coming back to Android after a little hiatus, I may be mentioning things that have been in a previous version of the Android OS, but I am just finding it out now.

  1. Show clock when picking up. I like the "wake" from sleep to show me the clock when I pick up the device. Like most people, I look at my phone for as my main source of "what time is it" and I like the idea that I can find out not having to touch a button. A simple move or pick up the does the trick.
  2. The custom rules that you can set up for do not disturb. I really like all the different options I can use for the do not disturb function. The phone as all the normal ones that I have seen on other smart phones, but one I find interesting, is that I can have it set to do not disturb automatically on events on my calendar. This could be really useful, and you will not get that embarrassing ring during a meeting. Great addition, and I think an underrated feature.


Like everything, nothing is perfect. I wouldn't call these flaws, but it would be nice to haves.

  1. Clip board available to all main applications. The Samsung S6 as a great feature of universal clipboard that is available quickly for all the main applications. I don't see that function in this OS. Maybe I just haven't found it yet, but it is a nice to have. Sometimes, I will grab some images or text that I will save on the clipboard and then when I am ready, I will paste it into an email or text message. The cool thing with the Samsung version is that I can "call" up the clipboard and choose what to paste. It is just not the last copy that I did.
  2. I have found one app that I like from time to time that is not ready for Android 6. So, being bleeding edge sometimes means that you have to wait on the development cycles of 3rd party apps. Not the end of the world, but still disappointing.

More to come....