Sunday, March 22, 2015

Trying the Dollar Shave Club

It is easier to buy beer than it is to buy refills for my razor. Take back your blades. Join the Join here. 

I finally got tired of going through hoops to buy razor blade refills. I joined the The last straw was when doing my weekly shopping at my local grocery store, I forgot, again, to get razor blade refills for my Gillette Fusion. With kids in tow, I didn’t  have time to go back in, wait for a customer service person, unlock the cage or go behind the customer service counter to get the blades. Then, if they are out of what I needed repeat this at another store. So, I went without.

I received my Welcome Pack on Friday and used the razor for the first time on Saturday. Ordering was super simple. There are several different type of razors for your needs or wishes. Click one, two, three and your are done. I chose the 4X to start our with. Results have been good for the last couple days. Over the coming month, I will continue to evaluate and report back my findings.